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Daily Collegian

For one of the best bakeries in Mass., visit Rose32

by Jacob Abrams

There is a stretch of tarmac in Mass., Route 32, that is magical. Along this road lie the towns of Ware, Barre, Petersham and numerous other quaint villages with middle-English sounding names. They are relics of a bygone era, time capsules from the days when mill towns were bustling and dominated the landscape. While driving through, you will encounter numerous brick buildings that used to house textile spinners and enormous water wheels; wonderfully preserved artifacts of our state’s history. There is a sense of sleepiness that pervades these towns; they appear removed from modernity. But then, a surprise. In the tiny town of Hardwick, there is a bakery, Rose32, and its parking lot overflows with cars.

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Worcester Magazine

Rustic radiance at Rose32 Bread

by anonymous

Rose32 Bread shone like a beacon in the sleepy village of Gilbertville. Even in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday, it was impossible to find a parking spot in the big lot alongside the bakery. We parked along Route 32 and joined the lunch rush in a line that stopped just short of the front door. Waiting in the queue, we observed a well-stocked cooler packed with local milk, fresh juices and craft beer for purchase. A book shelf lofted above us beckoned solo diners to settle in. Pastry cases were well lit, exhibiting berry tarts and chocolate black bottom cakes. A selection of caramelized loaves of bread were stacked high behind the counter.

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Rose32 named Best Bakery for Lunch by Yankee Magazine

by Heather Atwell

Small-batch breads baked in a wood-fired oven provide the basis for stupendous lunchtime sandwiches, such as egg salad with cornichons and bacon bits on fresh sourdough. Grab a seat at the large communal if you want to join the lively conversation or catch up on local gossip. BEST BAKERY FOR LUNCH


Rose 32 Bakery: West Coast bakers rise in mid-Massachusetts

by Margaret Leroux

Cindy and Glenn Mitchell know what it’s like to run a small bakery and they’ve experienced the rigors of owning a corporate baking company. When bigger was no longer better, they sold the company and became reverse pioneers, moving east to rural Massachusetts from the sophisticated environs of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Thanks from happy customers!

by Kaarin & Bob Lemstrom-Sheedy

Hello Rose32 Bread, Cindy & Glenn,

We are writing to let you know how thoroughly we enjoyed our “accidental” visit yesterday to your charming bakery and cafe.

We were on our way to an 85th birthday party for a dear cousin in Leominster, MA when we somehow took a wrong turn and found ourselves driving by your cafe right around lunch time. My husband Bob noticed your sign in passing, coupled with lots of cars and activity, and we decided, on a whim, to turn around and check things out, maybe grab a cup of coffee for the road if we liked what we saw. How happy we are that we did! We were impressed with everything: friendly, efficient service, pleasant, relaxed dining area (we struck up a conversation with two women across the table from us who were from Cambridge, a place we once lived years ago), good wine (Kermit Lynch!) and absolutely delicious food (chicken pot pies –what was that herb?). We arrived at our family birthday party an hour+ later than planned and proceeded to tell everyone about you and our wonderful culinary discovery and adventure!

Keep up your very high and clearly excellent standards! It was a pleasure to see such pros at work!

We hope to return one day soon.


Rose 32 Bakery/Cafe , Gilbertville (Hardwick) Massachusetts

by tmiles

Often when I try a new place, I don’t post because I have nothing good to say. In this case, I am not a good enough writer to do Rose 32 justice. A Google search will find a Telegram and Gazette story that is well written and factual, in fact when the piece originally apeared in the paper, it caused me to plan today’s trip.

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Rose32 raises the bar for bakeries

by Barbara M. Houle

You’ll be in awe when you visit this bakery/café owned and operated by Glenn and Cindy Mitchell of Hardwick. Trust me when I tell you it’s a great find.

Rose32 is a “small-batch bakery” that specializes in artisan breads (about 14) and assorted pastries that include cinnamon buns, sticky buns, scones, croissants, cookies, etc.

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