Rose32 Bread and Bakery Cafe

Ordering Options

Future Orders

    • Online orders for bread, pastries, cakes, tarts, cookies and lunch etc. need to be placed by 1:00 pm the day before pickup (Although sooner is preferred). Choose one of the 3 future order forms for the day you want to pick up. Skip the line,  ring the bell at our outside walk up window (not the yellow door).


In Person Ordering

  •  Forgot to place an order? Feel free to just come in and order in person! We are open 9 to 3 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Options and selections vary.

Same Day Ordering

    • Same-day ordering is available, however, it is limited. Choose the order form that says “Same Day Ordering”. Here you will find our lunch and drink menu as well as a limited selection of breads and pastry. It’s fairly easy to use, order your food, indicate the time you want to pick it up, pay, and then ring the bell at our outside walk-up window (not the yellow door). Minimum pick-up time is 30 minutes from the time you placed your order and may be longer at peak hours. When we are really busy, this option may not be available. We recommend placing your order by 10:30 AM


    • Temporary changes for prepared foods from our kitchen for lunch such as sandwiches, salads, and soups have changed. We have a smaller selection due to staffing issues.


    • Our menu will be posted in the morning each day, so please feel free to come in and order in person. (Sorry we cannot take phone orders at this time).


    • All Pre-orders must be pre-paid. Skip the line and ring the bell at our outside walk-up window (not the yellow door).


  • Phone orders for same day are not advised due to staffing shortages . Phone orders for future orders require a 2-day notice . The best time to call is after 3:00PM or leave a message and we will call you back.

Indoor Dining

Indoor seating is now available! Welcome back:)