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Exceptional Breads

Ingredients subject to change and availability varies by day.

Rose32 Bread is built on the belief that the best bread is made in small batches by a skilled baker using only the finest ingredients. Small batch baking means we stay loyal to the simple ingredients of local wheat flour, water and sea salt. The dough is given plenty of time to rest, rise, and grow to its fullest expression. Each morning, the dough is placed by hand into the unique wood-fired oven with a long-handled wooden peel. As the bread bakes, steam is created, yielding a naturally caramelized loaf with a shiny golden crust. Small batches allow us to deliver to you when the bread is fresh, baked that very morning. Long fermentation enhances the flavor and extends its keeping qualities without using sugars, preservatives, dough conditioners, or artificial ingredients.

Ciabatta 1 LB. LOAF, (450g)

A delicious crusty bread with a bubbly interior, an Italian classic.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sea salt, and yeast

(Available everyday)

Cranberry Raisin 1 LB., 4 OZ. ROUND, (570g)

Loaded with dried cranberries and raisins, this naturally leavened bread is slightly sour and perfect for breakfast and sandwiches.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, raisins, whole rye flour, dried cranberries, and sea salt

(Available everyday)

Franks Bread 1LB., 2 OZ. ROUND, (510g)

Naturally leavened and slightly dense, this loaf is full of fruit and nuts. Great toasted with butter or open face with a slice of cheese.

Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, pecans, dried cranberries, currants, golden raisins and sea salt

(Available the 1st Saturday of the month)

French Baguette 9 OZ, (255g)

Crusty, simple and traditional.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sea salt, and yeast

(Available everyday)

Henry’s Special Wheat 16 OZ., (450g)

Traditional loaf shape, naturally leavened, whole wheat loaf.

Ingredients: whole wheat flour, wheat flour, wheat germ and sea salt.

(Available Everyday)

Moroccan Olive 16 OZ., (450g)

Similar to our Ciabatta with the addition of large Moroccan olives.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, Moroccan olives, sea salt, malt and yeast.

(Available as a special, check our order form or call for availability!)

Multi-Grain Ciabatta 1 LB., (450g)

Sunflower and poppy seeds, plus nine additional grains are added to this classic ciabatta.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, grain blend (barley, corn, millet, soybeans, rye, triticale, oats, rice, flaxseed), sunflower seeds, sea salt, malt, poppy seeds, and yeast. Contains seeds, soy, and corn

(Available Thursday)

Nine Grain Walnut 12 OZ., (340g)

Packed with nine grains and toasted walnuts, this is a great healthy choice.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, grain blend (barley, corn, millet, soybeans, rye, triticale, oats, rice, flaxseed), walnuts, sea salt, and yeast. Contains seeds, nuts, soy, and corn

(Available everyday)

Oatmeal Sandwich Loaf 20 OZ., (570g)

A family favorite. Great for sandwiches.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, toasted oatmeal, whole wheat flour, sea salt, yeast

(Available everyday)

Polish Rye 1 LB., 4 OZ., (570g)

A big hit with our Polish neighbors.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, whole rye flour, and sea salt

(Available Thursday and Friday)

Potato Rosemary 1 LB., (450g)

House baked potatoes and freshly chopped rosemary give this bread its complex and hearty flavor.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, potatoes, sea salt, fresh rosemary, and yeast

(Available Friday)

Rustic Baguette 13 OZ., (370g)

This baguette is made with an overnight yeasted starter and baked on the hearth of our wood oven.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sea salt, and yeast

(Available everyday)

Sesame Semolina 1 LB., (450g)

Rich in flavor with sweet semolina flour, this tasty loaf has a light crust and soft interior.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, semolina flour, sesame seed, sea salt, malt, and yeast.

(Available Friday)

Wheaty Whole Grain 14 OZ., (400g)

Best toasted. Naturally leavened, loaded with pumpkin, sunflower and poppy seeds. Organic 100% whole wheat. 

Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, and sea salt.

(Available everyday)

White Sandwich Loaf 20 OZ., (570g)

A delicious classic white bread, perfect for peanut butter and jelly and grilled cheese.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sea salt, and yeast

(Available everyday)

White Sourdough 1 LB., 4 OZ., (570g)

A long, classic sourdough loaf with a golden caramelized crust.

Ingredients: Wheat flour and sea salt

(Available everyday)

Whole Wheat Levain 1 LB., 14 OZ. LARGE ROUND, (850g)

We use traditional European methods to create this naturally leavened, full flavor, whole wheat bread.

Ingredients: Whole wheat flour and sea salt

(Available Friday)

Local Sourdough1 LB., 4oz, (450g)

Made with bolted whole wheat and less bran which is easier to digest!

Ingredients: Bolted whole wheat flour and sea salt

(Available Saturday)

100% Whole Wheat1 LB., 4oz, (450g)

Made with 100% organic whole wheat flour and naturally leavened

Ingredients: Whole wheat flour and sea salt

(Available Friday)

Whole Wheat Walnut1 LB., 4oz, (450g)

Naturally leavened and made with 100% whole wheat organic flour and toasted walnuts

Ingredients: Whole wheat organic flour, walnuts and sea salt

(Check Daily Specials for Availability)